About me…

January 2016


Living and working in Varese province, going to move to Palma de Mallorca very soon, I have a Master degree in Public Relations at IULM university of Milan, with a specialization on Products Marketing, new Startups  and Advertising. After many years of experience in managing positions for companies around the world, I decided to follow one of my biggest passions, photography! Since I was an 8 years old kid it was a common thing see me roaming around with a flaming new Olympus Xa (it was the year 1982!).

During all these years photography was my biggest hobby, I moved to reflex World in 1991 with a Nikon Af601 still with the magic of the dark chamber and later on with the fantastic world of Digital reflex and postproduction.

Though not exactly related to the photographer profession, my university path in Communication allowed me to know about history of photography, understanding the amazing work of some of the biggest actors of this world, and the evolution of photography itself. I like to think that photography is a very strong vehicle of mass Visual Communication, with an artistic declination to be red in what the artist is willing to show.

My photographic philosophy,  take inspiration from one of the biggest photographers of the past, Henry Cartier Bresson and one of his quotes:

“C’est mettre sur la même ligne de mire la tête, l’oeil et le coeur.”

“Taking pictures: it is putting on the same level mind, eyes, and heart”

Photographic formation I pursued is born at first from creating my own photographic culture, without that, I think, a photographer can’ t be called as such: necessary sensibility to produce and evaluate good quality imaged, is grown only through a deep study of those great photographers of the past.

This is one of the reasons I am so passionate organizing photographic workshops related more to the theory and less to the shooting process. My scope is to try to make my students more prone and receptive towards those images and names representing the founders of this beautiful art.

For this same reason I’m used to take part several times a year to Workshops organized by important colleagues (Italians and foreign), to learn, to brainstorm together, trying to find every time that little flame which is making my profession so amazing and unique.

I hope you have fun visiting my website and looking through the pictures that i took during the years, moving here and there across the world.

About my equipment,  im convinced that to take a good picture you don’t need the best equipment, that said, using the best equipment your budget allows you is always a good idea. Personally i always used Nikon and Leica to take all my images around the world, with satisfaction!.

I use a Nikon  D850  with few prime lenses and zoom to shoot my works,  and recently i purchased an amazing Leica Q after having used for few years a superb LeicaM typ240.


Luca D’Addezio